Current status of covid-19 in FL

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As all of us are currently debating what our next step should be for playing sports, we thought to present some data related to covid-19 so you can take some informed decisions.

With the reopening of the activities, unfortunately the spreading of the virus continues to follow an upward motion. The two graphs below present data from John Hopkins University for the entire US and the state Florida. The data were downloaded on June 4, 2020.

Confirmed covid-19 cases in the USA.

Florida (with 60,183 confirmed cases, 10,923 hospitalizations, and 2,607 deaths) ranks eighth in the number of cases nationwide after New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Unfortunately, there was no data on the number of recovered people; so it is not clear if every case is still active.

Confirmed covid-19 cases in the state of Florida.

For those of us who live in Orange County, FL the curve is similar. Orange County has 2,169 confirmed cases and ranks fifth in the number of cases after Maimi-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Hillsborough counties. Especially worrisome for Orange County is the median age which has fluctuated between 44 and 48 year old. That is, half of all confirmed cases are people younger than 44-48 years old.

Of particular concern for the state of Florida is the fast spreading of the virus in Latin America due to the strong connection of Florida’s population to countries from Latin America and since there appears not to be any travel restrictions currently. Worldwide, Brazil is already the second country after USA in confirmed cases (584,0161 vs. 1,870,156) with all indicators showing that it rises too fast. In addition, the cases in Peru and Chile are also increasing very fast (183,198 and 118,292 confirmed cases respectively).

Finally, as an important additional remark, we should report the following new finding from a medical study: Having type blood A appears to increase the chances to need oxygen or a ventilator by 50%. Hence, your blood type is something else that you may need to take into account before you start socializing and/or playing soccer again.

Episkyros is always on the side of families and bases all decisions on scientific data. We are currently holding our activities until the curves have started their downward motion. Those of you who would like to plan a more secure season 2020-2021 are encouraged to contact us at

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