Academy Philosophy

I have never seen a team make a debut. Individual players do. Therefore, an academy should focus on individual development.

     Johan Cruyff

Episkyros differs from other clubs and soccer activities providers. At the core of the academy the driving forces will always be:

  • Play attractive soccer
  • Educate our own players

Everything its Academy does, it has been planned carefully and it has only one ultimate goal: create the best possible soccer players. Profit will never be a factor in our planning and decisions. In particular, here are some important ideas from which we will never deviate:

  • Using coaches with competitive soccer experience. Learning soccer exclusively from books and TV is not an approach that we support and we will not use the services of such coaches for any activities.
  • Well thought training  with  definite and pre-established objectives.
  • Activities and procedures following FIFA guidelines.
  • Drills that have been tested and proved effective through sports education research.


Founding principles and mission

Episkyros’ Soccer Academy is founded on simple principles for the creation of a positive, competitive but rewarding soccer environment. In particular, Episkyros principles are:

  •  to encourage very young kids to stay away from electronic devices by active participation in soccer
  • to instill idealistic and pedagogical values in soccer
  • to promote social and cultural diversity through personal interaction in soccer
  • to define proper role models in soccer
  • to support personal development  and fair play in soccer.

Episkyros’ ulterior  mission is to discover and develop elite youth soccer players of all ages.


Episkyros’ vision is to become one of the finest soccer academies in North America and an important feeder program of soccer student-athletes for the American colleges and universities.

For the implementation of the second part of our vision, besides teaching the art of soccer, we help our players understand how American universities and colleges operate, explain them the procedures and collaborate with experienced professionals  who have long experience and established reputation in helping athletes receive scholarships. (See the related page.)