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Futsal (from the Spanish fútbol de salón or the Portuguese futebol de salão)  is the official format of indoor soccer recognised and supported by FIFA and UEFA. In fact, futsal is the only version of 5-a-side soccer that FIFA supports. It differs from other indoor soccer played in cold Northern European countries in two aspects: it lacks rebound walls and the laws of the game minimize physical contact to promote skilful play. Hence, as a game, futsal places considerable demand on technique, movement, tactical awareness and fitness.

In futsal, you see whether a player is really talented. In normal football you don’t necessarily identify talent as easily because it’s so much more physical. But with futsal, you notice the small details in quailty, class and tactical understanding.


Reasons to play futsal

  1. Rewards and develops the same skills as soccer.
  2. Players touch the ball 210% more that indoor soccer with walls.
  3. Improves ball control.
  4. Forces fast play and enhanced decision taking.
  5. Helps players to better understand the attacking and defending principles.
  6. Action is continuous.
  7. Enhances the understanding of team play.
  8. Improves shooting ability.
  9. Forces skilful play with limited physical contact.
  10. Kids find it fun.

Futsal is an extremely important way for kids to develop their skills and understanding the game.


As a little boy in Argentina, I played futsal on the streets and for my club. It was tremendous fun, and it really helped me become who I am today.

     Lionel Messi

Episkyros’ Teams Play Futsal

Because of futsal’s benefits, all our teams will be trained in futsal at no extra cost. For all teams, one of the practices will take place in a basketball court (which is often used as replacement of a futsal pitch). Players will be taught the laws of the game and actual  futsal play. In addition, teams will participate in futsal tournaments to further develop and test their skills.