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Episkyros collaborates with  soccer professionals who have a long experience in the field and have established a solid reputation.

AZ Sports Scolarships

AZlogoAn agency whichi helps talented athletes receive academic scholarships in colleges and universities. It was created by soccer player Aris Zafeiratos who has played in the Greek National 17U team and won academic scholarships in the USA. Aris is holding a BS on Sports Marketing & Management  from Indiana University. There, with the Indiana Hoosiers, he won the 2012 Men’s Soccer NCAA National Championship.

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Nomos, LLC

NOMOSlogoA network of knowledgeable associates and experts in each sport and academic field, assisting a prospect and a family navigate through the maze of challenges and legal procedures to receive scholarships. It was founded by Anastasios Kaburakis an Asst. Professor of Management and Sports Business in  Saint Louis University. Anastasioshas 20 years of experience in student athlete recruitment and has helped draft rules that are now governing international student athletes.

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