Soccer & STEM

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STEM is a widely used acronym  for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. Although Technology and Engineering are part of science, they are chosen to be part of the phrase since the resulting acronym is more euphonic than SM (Science & Mathematics). Science includes all known disciplines which organize knowledge for some part of our world.  For example, physics, biology, chemistry, medicine, psychology, sociology are all scientific disciplines.

This series of lectures presents applications of STEM disciplines to soccer. For example:

(a) Biology: Are flocks of birds, prides of lions, and schools of fish relevant to soccer?;

(b) Engineering and Technology: Improvement of the Soccer Balls, Artificial Turf, Monitoring Technology;

(c) Physics: Banana Kicks and  Knuckleballs;

(d) Psychology: Does talent preexist or is it created?Motivation in Soccer;

(d) Sociology: Crowd behavior and Hooliganism;

(f)  Mathematics:  Geometry and Topology of the Adidas Soccer Balls,  Should the Penalty Box be a Rectangle?;

(g) Statistics: Which form of Play is More Successful?, What Worths More: Offense or Defense?