Covid-19, Soccer and Arthur C. Clarke.

Our life has certainly changed during the past month. Activities that we were considering as automatic (such as playing and watching soccer) are not there any more. We certainly appreciate them much more now and we wish we had them back. The question in everyone’s mind is `Is it worth?’ Unfortunately, there is too much misinformation spreading and, sometimes, it may feel hard to decide what we should believe and what we should reject. Episkyros is founded on true scientific principles for all aspects of its activities; it is committed to disseminate precise and accurate information. Hence for those of you who may want a little more reliable information about the Covid-19 spreading and understand why all countries around the world have stopped all sports activities (and not only them), the following article does a great job in summarizing all known data and knowledge: Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance.

However, if you already had too much reading on covid-19 and you wish something lighter and more amusing here is a suggestion. Arthur C. Clarke was a British sci-fi writer who received many awards for his stories. He is best known as the cowriter of the screenplay of the high-grossing film `2001: A Space Odyssey‘ which has become one of the most influential films Hollywood has ever produced.

In 1962, Clarke published a collection of short stories entitled `Tales of Ten Worlds.’ Among them, the story `A Slight Case of Sunstroke‘ is of interest to every passionate soccer fan who has felt that his/her team has been treated unfairly by referees. It is also a cautionary tale for crooked referees who underestimate the wrath of the fans. And a great reading for kids excited about science, looking for new ways to apply it! (Although, in this case, the application is not well intended!)

We will not spoil the fun for you. If you are curious to know what is about, listen to the story:

The story `A Slight Case of Sunstroke‘ starts at 4:51:03. If the audiobook does not automatically start at that place, please advance the player. Of course, you can always enjoy the other stories too.

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