Curated soccer-related playlists on Apple music

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

If you like music and you wish to listen some soccer related songs, Episkyros is now publishing curated playlists on Apple music. We save you the time to search and comb the vast library of Apple music for the songs you would enjoy.

To find the playlists, just go to your Apple music app and search for Episkyros. The actual location is

Currently, there are four playlists: a playlist on UEFA Champions League, a playlist on FIFA World Cup, a playlist on Pele and Maradona and a playlist with songs from Greek soccer.

Additional playlists will be added on a regular basis. The title of the playlist will always be associated with the focus of the playlist. You can see the songs included in each playlist by clicking on that particular playlist. For example, below is shown a screenshot of the UEFA Champions League playlist.

As Apple music adds and deletes songs from its library, these playlists will be updated accordingly.

We hope you enjoy our playlists. We will always be glad to hear comments and suggestions on them.

As a final comment, we would like to remind you that some of the hip-hop lyrics contain explicit language that may not be appropriate for younger listeners. If you are concerned about this, please pay attention to Apple’s special indicators; you can always turn off explicit content by using the parental controls of your device. (If you are not sure how to do this, visit Apple’s online support center for directions.)

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